Our Strategy and Project Plan

Two license applications were made from Estonia in 2017. These licenses are “Financial services Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (FVR000244)” and “Financial services Providing a virtual currency wallet service (FRK000202)”. The licenses were obtained by obtaining state approvals on 28.06.2018. With these licenses, the relevant levels of the state supervise the FinCras & InvCras Digital Services OÜ company and the company’s Escoin brand. Licenses are in full use with the completion of the last legal steps required by the changing legislation in 2020.

*Pre-Sale of tokens for Step-1
*Recruitment of additional team members
*Starting app prototype development
*Token generation
*Pre-Sale of tokens for Step-2
*Surveying potential participants
*Detailed concept development/whitepaper
*Strategic partnership
*Smart contract development
*Token transfer between wallets
*Sale of tokens for Step-1
*Strategic partnership
*Start of basic app development
*Fundamental market analysis
*Expanding local activities
*Sale of tokens for Step-2
*Addition of advanced modules
• Bidding module
• Payment module
• Rating module
• Shared knowledge
• Referred module
*Starting mobile prototype for Android, IOS and Windows Phone
*Launch of basic app
*Sale of tokens for Step-3
*Incorporated of community feedback
*Addition of advanced modules
• Client module
• Legal firm module
• Package membership module
• Obtaining and wing credit
*Expanding Europe sales activities
*Launch IOS, Android and Windows Phone App
*Sale of tokens for Step-4
*Launch of Europe market
• Launch of Berlin
• Launch of Tallinn
*Addition of advanced modules
• Video conference module
• Instant pay for video conference
*Sale of tokens for Step-5
*Expending Asia sales activities
*Launch of Asia market
• Launch of Seul
• Launch of Tokyo
*Transferring the values of revenue models to the investor
***Distribution of profit margin to token owners

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