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Why choosing us?
Revolutionary in the legal service market!

The legal market in 2021 is expected to reach 1.1 trillion USD. In addition to the legal market, it is clear that this number will increase to a much greater extent with domestic and international advisory services provided by lawyers. This market should continue to grow with the digitization of the world, day after day.

The purpose of Escoin includes providing clients and law firms establish mutual cooperation in the digital environment in accordance with common interests by eliminating the country’s borders and providing the entire infrastructure they need. In doing so, the aim is to expand the network and thus to provide a more transparent and healthy business model.


  • Finding the right lawyer for the right company,
  • Ensuring that all types of documents required by lawyers reach the inventory, quickly and easily,
  • Eliminating interruptions in payments made in international transfers,
  • Minimizing the loss of money during the exchange, to provide consultancy services without intermediaries in the international platform.

Beside all this;

  • To make them feel that they are safe for companies and law firms, to make them feel their own and to be part of the network they can do international business without expenses such as office rent, office dues, secretary’s salary, kitchen costs.
  • Making companies a part of the network, that they do not encounter with such questions as, ”Is there enough competence?“, “Do they have enough experiences?“, ”I wonder if the cost is too high?“.
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Law firms and firms will find it easier to find jobs and solutions on local, national and international platforms!

Law firms and firms will find it easier to find jobs and solutions on local, national and international platforms!

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